Monday, January 10, 2011

50 @ 50 ~ Number 8 ~ Everyday Extraordinary: Capturing God Moments

I created this list over a year and a half ago, and with the best of intentions, I allowed things that were not on this list to take priority and, consequently, I'm not even half way through the list. I thought about re-visiting the list and taking things off that don't still appeal to me and when I did, I decided that I really want to accomplish what is there. I decided that if these items were important, I could figure out how to make myself accountable. Duh, blogging content is always a great way. Tell the world and then get to it. So here we go again.

Even though the items are numbered, I'm not taking them in any particular order, so here's what's going on with Item #8 ~ Creating a Coffee Table Picture Book. In order to "finish" something, we often need to know why we want to do it to begin with. I want to create the coffee table book because every now and then I take a photograph that captures the essence of the place. It is always an acknowledged "God Moment," and I want to be able to share those priceless moments in the pages of a book. So far, I have chosen eight such photographs for the book and my goal is to choose one hundred photos. I will share them here as it comes along and not keep them a secret until the project is complete. I hope you enjoy them and get a sense of those "God Moments" as well.

Here are the first eight:
Bridal Veil Falls ~ Utah May 2007
Provo River ~ Utah May 2007
Oak Creek Canyon ~ October 2008
Oak Creek Canyon ~ October 2008
La Jolla, CA ~ April 2009 ~ Celebrating 5th Anniversay
La Jolla, CA ~ April 2009 ~ Celebrating 5th Anniversary
La Jolla, CA ~ May 2009 ~ Meeting My Grand Niece and Nephew
Dobson Park ~ July 2010 ~ Morning Walk w/Rick and the Puppies

I am so grateful that life is full of these beautiful surprises. I only have to open my eyes to the beauty that surrounds me everyday. This last photograph was taken while the hubs and I were walking our two new cocker pups in our neighborhood park. It was happenstance that we even noticed this...and it was like our entire family was, in that moment, getting a big Divine hug. :-) Enjoy. ~ Blessings, Janet

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  1. Oh my gosh! What gorgeous photos and what a great idea. I would be framing all of these if I took these beautiful photos!