Thursday, January 20, 2011

29 Gifts ~ Day 16 Transforming Disappointment

Here we are on day 20 already of the 29 Gifts challenge and I am a bit behind in my posting so I will be doing a little catch up in the next couple of days. Working through a family challenge has been at the heart of activities during the past few days and I will be doing some sharing on that in coming posts. For now though, let's go back a couple of years :-) and my Day 16 gift where I was able to transform a personal disappointment into a gift for many others.

Two years ago I was approached by members of author and spiritual teacher Deborah King's team to join a select group of coaches in teaching her method. I am always open to new ideas so I agreed to a meeting. However, being new in the coaching business at the time, I was not familiar with King's work so I went out and purchased her book and read it that same day. Much of what she had to offer I had read over and over in many other books that had resonated with me and I believed they would with many other women as well.  However, Ms. King's inclination toward using celebrity lives as examples does not work for me. I prefer a quiet and more intimate approach in my teaching. However, I did not realize that until I had bought into the program and purchased twenty-four of her books.

Over the next two years, I came to know myself more as a facilitator of personal growth and healing and I came to know that there are many paths to that destination and that we must choose that which works best for us as unique individuals. I've been holding onto these books because I realize they will have much healing value for many people, I just wasn't sure how to go about releasing them into the right hands. The 29 Gifts challenge inspired me to look for the right place and I did not have to look far.
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is where I received my coaching and hypnotherapy training and I will be forever grateful to the many wonderful teachers who gently guided me. KC Miller, founder of the Institute, author of Toe Reading: Are You Walking Your Destined Path? and amazing spiritual coach is just the right person. I emailed her and asked her if she would be interested in a donation of Deborah King's books, Truth Heals and she graciously accepted. This is one of those gifts that I am blessed to plant a seed and another will be blessed to watch it bloom. Knowing that is also a gift. Disappointment in investing in twenty four books that I was not able to use in my business is transformed into the amazing gift of being able to give back.

Today I am grateful for:

1) Recognizing that I can transform disappointment into something good
2) A delicious Berry Good Protein Smoothie for breakfast
3) Freshly tilled front flower beds that will grow beautiful spring blossoms


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