Thursday, January 27, 2011

29 Gifts ~ Days 20, 21 and 22 ~ Catching Up

When I have a hard time remembering what gift I gave a few days ago, I'm thinking it is time to catch up on the Journal :-). On Monday, my daughter invited me over to see her new apartment and we enjoyed a nice visit. She had completed unpacking all of the boxes for her kitchen and pantry and was excited to show off her pride and joy...the pantry :-) She loves to bake and has arranged her pantry like a showcase of baking ingredients and tools. It is really beautiful and fun to look at. I asked her if she needed any help unpacking and she said she was going to do it slowly and that she was a little tired. There were about 15 empty boxes sitting around the dining area so my Gift #20 was to take the empties off her hands and free up some space for her to work around when she was ready. I could tell she was relieved and not having to mess with them herself.

Need some empty boxes? :-)

Tuesdays Gift #21 was a monetary donation to The Ronald McDonald House. I had recently seen an episode of Extreme Makeovers Home Edition and noted how the family had expressed their gratitude for having spent time in one of their houses because their child was facing a serious health challenge. I cannot even begin to imagine having my child suffer from a life threatening illness and I am eternally grateful that she has been so very healthy all of her life.
They do good things :-)

Yesterday's Gift #22 was escorting Mom over to Best Buy to help her pick out her computer. It was really a gift of moral support because she was a little nervous about which one to purchase. I am excited because I know she will love this computer. Her current computer is eight years old and takes about 3 hours (exaggeration) to warm up :-)

I'm so excited for Mom!

Yea! It feels so good to be caught to go and catch up on a few other things :-)

Today I am grateful for:

1) My washer, dryer and laundry room :-)
2) Colored markers, pencils and crayons
3) Blue Jeans :-)


  1. You are such a sweet person and always doing nice things for people. I like your "grateful list" ..... it's simple. So is mine... 1. a gas stove 2. organic food 3.a wood dance floor.
    From your profile picture, you look like Marilyn (my friend of 50 yiears) when she was young and looked like the then-young Liz Taylor.
    Love and peace

  2. You are always giving of yourself and I so admire that. YIPPEE for mom's new computer.

  3. Hi, stopping back from your visit to my blog. I am now following as well. I love that you do gifts everyday! What a fantastic idea!!! I used to keep an appreciation journal and I really should start doing that again! :) Have a beautiful weekend.