Sunday, January 16, 2011

29 Gifts ~ Days 12 & 13 Entertaining Him

Day 12 ~ This gift also goes out to my husband. We were pretty stuck in a rut after graduation and his work is pretty intense, yet he is always there for me. When my God-daughter's husband was killed in Iraq, he supported my flying to Austin to help her. When my other niece was in crisis, he was there to say..."you need to go." The list just goes on and he never complains or asks for anything. And so, on Thursday evening, he made the comment that he would like to see a couple of shows that are coming to our local performing arts center in April. I decided it was the perfect time to surprise him. So I bought tickets to both events and surprised him.
Hotel California
Spencer's Theatre of Illusion
 Day 13 ~Gardening here in what we affectionately call the Salt River Valley is different than most places in the country. Low rain levels, clay soil, searing summer heat and alkaline soil bring a few challenges to even the most experienced gardener. Years ago I took a Master Gardener class with the University of Arizona's Maricopa Country Extention Center. I have loved that manual and it has been so useful in helping neighbors, family members, friends, friends of friends and even our own lawn guy with different aspects of gardening. What does this have to do with my gift. Recently a sweet client shared her love of gardening with me. She has inspiration of starting a personal gardening business where she helps people design and install home gardens. I know the manuals will be as useful to her as they have been to me, so I am passing them along to her. 

I just know she will enjoy this as much as I have and it will answer so many questions she has about gardening in our interesting conditions. 

Today I am grateful for:

1) Our fun Segway Tour today
2) Quiet time to finish reading 365 Thank Yous
3) My Bailey's and Coffee with Homemade Whipped Cream (It's the small things :-)

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