50 @ 50

 I've waited and waited for this day. Turning 50 seemed to be such a glamourous thing to do. Oprah celebrated with a HUGE party, Robin McGraw wrote a book about aging gracefully, AARP doesn't accept you until you're 50, the Red Hat Society seems like so much fun. I felt left out. I was still in my 40s and it didn't seem like anyone was celebrating that. I was approaching this milestone and I wanted it to mean something, to be something that would last. So, in the year leading up to my 50th birthday, I decided to create a list of 50 things I had been wanting to do, but for some reason hadn't yet gotten to them yet. At the beginning, my intention was to do all of these 50 things during my 50th year. Well, as the saying goes...The Best Intentions....So here we are, more than half-way through my 50th year and I was disappointed that I hadn't gotten even half way through my list. I decided that sharing my list, and my intention might provide just the inspiration I needed to kick up some momentum. So, here's the list. I'll update my progress, both here on this page, and in my blog and hopefully it will be fun and interesting to see how sharing will help move the process along...There's a saying out there...that the best way to get your house cleaned is to schedule a party...Consider the party scheduled!

  1. Go Gray! ~ The final tresses of highlights have been scissored away and I have reached this milestone!
  2. Make Up Makeover ~ Did a mini one back in the fall, really can't see making that one count :-)
  3. Get back on a horse
  4. Develop a regular yoga practice
  5. Develop a regular prayer and meditation practice
  6. Write an original hypnotherapy script and record a CD
  7. Write a book and publish it
  8. Create a coffee table picture book ~ I have 9 of the 100 photos so far
  9. Compile a Family Traditions Recipe Book
  10. Develop and Deliver a Women's Retreat
  11. Learn HypnoBirthing and add to my practice ~ Completed cert class ~ April 25th,, 2010 Now for the review...
  12. Complete my degree ~ Finally! One needed Spanish class turned into a Women's Studies minor ~ Completed December 14, 2009 ~ Woooooo Hooooo!
  13. Zipline ~ Woo Hoo Jumping 100 feet out of a tree and flying 1400 feet across a river...thrilling! July 26th 2009
  14. Learn to cook fish really well
  15. Learn to cook vegetarian dishes really well
  16. Create a meaningful piece of art
  17. Learn mosaic tile art
  18. Make a beaded Rosary ~ I have the supplies!
  19. Lose half my age in weight (25 pounds)
  20. Learn to water color
  21. Get my passportWoo Hoo Received it in the mail yesterday April 23, 2010
  22. Plant a suburban orchard ~ Done! Planted 3 Meyer Lemon, 2 Lime, 2 Orange, an Almond, 2 Peach, 2 Apple, an Asian Pear, Bartlett Pear, Fuji Apple, Dorsett Apple and a Nectarine! April, 2010
  23. Plant a garden in two seasons ~ Woo Hoo Done! Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage, Snow Peas :-)
  24. Get to know 5 new neighbors
  25. Take a segway tour ~ Woo Hoo DONE! Desert Ridge Marriot 01/6/2011
  26. Get my financial plan back in order (read Suze Orman's Women and Money and re-read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover
  27. Prepare our will ~ nope, we don't have one yet!
  28. River Rafting Trip
  29. Learn how to kayak
  30. Learn basic photography ~ about lighting and such
  31. Learn to write poetry
  32. Create an office space that I love ~ I have the plan and have moved the desk into position
  33. Learn to paddle a canoe ~ Woo Hoo...I did this on Vallicito Lake in the Rockies this summer.
  34. Ride the light rail
  35. Have a fund raiser in Barb's honor to support the East Valley Crisis Nursery
  36. Wardrobe Makeover
  37. Start a blog ~ Ou la or however you spell it.
  38. Give away $1000
  39. Learn how to get and stay organized
  40. Create a Vision Board
  41. Learn to create mandalas
  42. Learn about Crystal Healing
  43. Learn about Psych K
  44. Create a Toxin Free environment in our home ~ Have begun the process; making my own cleaning products.
  45. Read the Bible cover to cover again ~ This probably shouldn't be this far down on the list.
  46. Swim with the dolphins
  47. Have my teeth straightened ~ Have started that process, next appt. 10/25/2010
  48.  Get my photographs organized ~ Right now they are in 14 photo boxes on a new easy organizing cart.