About Me

A Personal Note

My roots are in the Arizona desert and I often refer to myself as a desert rat. While I grew up in this beautiful place, I enjoy getting away in the summer months and often migrate up to the cool pines of the Arizona mountains, the beautiful waters off San Diego on the West Coast and to our seventy-four acre sanctuary in Upstate New York on the East Coast.

I am a high achieving first born. In my 20’s and 30’s, I tried to be super everything to everyone by working day and night. I robbed my body of rest and experienced burnout and a failed first marriage. Now I have a heart to encourage others to balance their lives for inner peace, total health, and rich relationships.

I have survived a debilitating illness, the tragic loss of my only sister and the end of a 15 year marriage within a few months of each other. Loss and limitations have taught me the value of fresh perspectives and precious moments. I expect miracles everyday. I live my life with gratitude and with the expectation that the possibilities are endless.

 Professional Life
Prior to becoming a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, I held roles in both large corporations and small local businesses. I owned and co-owned manufacturing and service oriented businesses where my focus was accounting and business consulting. But, like many of my clients, I had that sense that there must be “something more” to life than what I was experiencing. So, I left Corporate America to follow my heart. I decided to pursue a degree in Family and Human Development and Psychology. Currently, I am a Certified Life Coach, trained under KC Miller, founder and director of the award winning Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, an IAC accredited life coach training school and under the amazing, Master Life Coach, Richard Seaman who taught me never to leave five minutes before the miracle happens. I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist, trained under Linda Bennett, also of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.
 To “walk my talk”, I constantly enroll in advanced levels of coach and hypnotherapy training. I also engage the services of a personal coach for continued growth accountability. This keeps me at my best and creates a common connection with clients.

Just for fun

To ensure a balance between work and play, I have taken golf and ballroom dance lessons, creative writing, yoga, aromatherapy, beading and gardening courses. I am also a toastmaster and a Certified Master Gardener. I enjoy reading, writing, hiking, gardening, music, great food, theatre, dance, travel, and spending time with my family and friends.

Ministry Life

My life is my ministry. Over my lifetime I have served as a Girl Scout Leader, Director of Vacation Bible School, Member of Christian Education Board, PTO Treasurer, President of BankAmericlub, Women’s Retreat Team Leader, Director of Junior High Youth Group and Retreats. Currently I am serving as a mentor to mid-life university re-entry students. In addition, I am writing a book of reflections, organizing InHerPeace Walks, and facilitating Peaceful Living Workshops.

Love Life

My husband Rick is truly my best friend! When we met 10 years ago, it was not “love at first sight,” but we knew we had a lot in common, and over the next several months we became good friends. We talked for hours on end sharing our personal histories and engaging in “lively” philosophical debates.  We came to enjoy our intellectual bantering. Our relationship blossomed as we discovered common ground rooted in spirituality, family, and a deep love of nature. Romance was a natural progression, however, as we began to blend our two families, we had some difficult times.  We struggled through it and with God’s grace, and the miracle of forgiveness, our relationship once again bloomed and we were married just three years ago.

Now we use our very different, yet complimentary, learning styles to enrich our relationship. We share a sense of humor and accept the imperfections that come with the human condition. It is so refreshing not to have to be perfect every moment of every day.

 Family Life

Rick and I relish the pleasures of parenthood while facing the challenges with heartfelt prayer. Although all three of our children have left the nest, we remain very involved and connected as parents. 

Rick is a successful engineer working for an aerospace firm. Ten years ago, he left his New York home to come to Arizona for a “year long” work commitment. We met four months into his stay and have been together ever since. 

Our eldest daughter, Charise, is happily married to our wonderful son-in-law, Jonathan. She is a stay-at-mom to our awesome grandchildren, Alen, Ricky and Autumn Lily. Charise is also an artist and an aspiring jewelry designer. Jonathan is a Sergeant in the US Army, and is currently serving in Iraq. They make their home in Kempner, TX. 
Our younger daughter, Brandin, lives just two miles from us. She recently completed her bachelor’s degree in Communications and Business at Arizona State University and is happily managing the offices of a successful construction company. She enjoys traveling and hosting intimate dinner parties where she shares her traveling experiences and incredible cooking abilities.

Following in his father’s footsteps, our son Christopher is a budding engineer . Chris served 5 years in the US Navy as a Sonar Technician. He has traveled the world during his service and is now happily enjoying a part time job while he continues his education at ASU, majoring in Aerospace Engineering.