Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning ~ For your mind, body and Spirit

As spring quickly approaches, we begin to think about tackling those home organizational projects.  We begin clearing out the cobwebs, cleaning out the closets and organizing the garage. I shared last week about a financial spring cleaning. But as we cleanse our home we must also remember that it is just as important to cleanse and recharge our minds, bodies and spirits. 

Many of us begin each New Year with just that in mind. In our resolutions, we vow to live more simply, more balanced, more peaceful lives. We dream about slowing down and enjoying life more. We are determined that this year, will in some way, be better than last. Then all too often, as spring arrives we find ourselves overwhelmed with our daily lives, and we allow our personal goals to take a back seat to simply getting by. So to help you with your own personal spring cleaning, here are some  simple suggestions. 
  1. Let go of all of the things that are not contributing to your life.  Anger, jealousy and self-doubt serve no one.
  2. Take a moment each day to identify at least three  things you are grateful for. It is amazing how this seemingly simple exercise can lift your spirit.
  3. Find out what you are tolerating in your life and why. Then look for changes you can make.
  4. Make an appointment with yourself each week to take care of just you.
  5. Live in the NOW. Do not dwell on things you have yet to accomplish. It is never too late to accomplish your goals or to start again.
If you have having trouble slowing down, seek out a group guided meditation session. I have actually done this, and it is amazing how refreshed I felt when I walked out the door. Wellness Centers around the country are beginning to offer lunch time sessions as well as evening sessions. They only last about 30 minutes and usually cost between $10 and $12 dollars. It is a little treat that will make a big impact in your life. Try it, and let me know what you think ☺ ~Blessings, Janet


  1. Great ideas as always......With mom in the hospital and now in rehab been back and forth and not felt like doing much of anything.... so thanks for the kick in rear to get rid of the ICK..... time to finish up my Soul Restoration Class and that will def get me to push out the stuff I don't need. Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. i am taking this Saturday to stop by my followers and say HI and tell you how much I appreciate you! Have a wonderful weekend!