Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is Your Financial House in Order?

Thanks so much for being patient while I've been away this week. I've been spring cleaning...and when I get started, I build up steam and keep rolling, whether it is the yard, the garage, closets, or the whole house. Everything just feels new again and I feel like I can breathe a bit easier. During the last week, I've been getting my financial house in order. Gathering business information, medical bills, charitable donations, investment statements and all of the other information that goes along with filing income taxes. While I was at it, I reviewed my overall financial plan to ensure I was on track to fulfill my goals.

I am pretty good at staying on top of things and knowing where I am financially, however it is always a good idea to make sure that your plans fit your current situation and to incorporate any changes that may have occurred over the last year. Personal financial experts have been shouting from the rooftops to make sure that Americans are paying off debt and are saving for a rainy day as well as building a nest egg for retirement.

Like most of you, we have a host of things we want to use our money for in the coming years. We have 74 acres of creek front property in Upstate New York that we want to build a second home on. In addition, we love traveling and have a list of places around the globe we would like to visit. Some of my bigger dreams include buying or building a sanctuary retreat center either in the mountains or at the beach. I get excited just thinking about them and that keeps me motivated to keep my plan in order.

What are some of your big dreams? Are you on track for making them happen?


  1. Woo hoo for getting all the houses in order, the physical one and the financial one. OH it sounds wonderful to have that land in NY. What a wonderful dream....

  2. we just did as well and paid off so much debt we are not swimming ant more. its been a long year but one full of lessons for us. but mostly blessings.


  3. Kim ~ My husband grew up there and when he could afford to, he bought it. We would love to live there during the summer and autumn and come back here for the winter and spring. And yes...order is a good thing for me as I function much better when there are few loose ends ☺

    Charise ~ That is so awesome. Debt is such a heavy burden and robs you of peace and a good night's sleep. So happy that things are going well for you. Lessons are good because they produce the most wonderful blessings. ☺

  4. I always say take a look at someone's wallet and you will see whether or not they respect money!

  5. Hello my beautiful friend! Thinking of you and wanted to let you know. I hope you're doing well...I miss your posts!


  6. Hey Janet, I am going to link up to this post in my post tomorrow if that is ok!!!! :o)

  7. Kim ~ Anytime. Glad you enjoyed it :-) It's funny, I was just thinking about you.

    Carmie ~ Gotta 'splain the wallet thing :-)

    Angie ~ So sweet, as always. You have surely been on my mind this weekend. So glad you all are safe. I clipped white roses from my garden and placed them in a vase so that each time I see them, I send up a prayer for everyone affected my the earthquake, tsunami, and reactors. Surely makes me realize how small my troubles really are.