Friday, January 14, 2011

29 Gifts ~ Days 10 & 11 Acknowledging Mom

Day 10 ~ My parents are both retired, well dad is semi-retired so they they are pretty used to each other's company. Dad is out of town this month, and while Mom keeps herself pretty busy during the day, I'm sure she's finding the evenings a little unnerving, so I stopped by her house and dropped off the book: The Shack by William Paul Young. It's a nice read with a great message and I think she'll enjoy reading it.

 Day 11 ~ Mom is on my mind and I have been noticing how much of her time she spends taking care of my 96 year old grandmother's needs. Nana lives alone, but she hasn't driven in decades and has been having some health challenges of late. The thing that really makes this special, is that admittedly, care-giving is not in Mom's gifting. She claims not to have the patience :-). And yet, at the drop of a hat, mom leaps into action and does whatever needs to be done. Doctor's visits, grocery shopping, hair-dying, hair-cutting appointments, lunches or shopping excursions, ER visits, house cleaning, yard tending, Christmas decorating, hearing aid battery changing take up much of her week. The list goes on, because like all of us, Nana has needs, but unlike most of us, she needs some help getting things done.

When I posted on my other blog that Rick and I were reviving date night and were going to see Country Strong, Mom asked me how it was and said she would like to go. She and my Aunt Judy, who also works with mom taking care of Nana are going to see it together. So, today I dropped off $50.00 in Theatre Gift Cards and a $10 Starbuck's Gift Card so they can treat themselves. I don't think Mom knows it's there because I just quietly left them on the counter....:-) I hope she doesn't accidentally throw them away :-) She got tendencies :-)

Mom...Enjoy! :-) Love you!
Today, I am grateful for:

1) A beautiful warm and sunny day :-)
2) Home cooked dinner 4 nights in a row! It makes the next one really special :-)
3) Date night revived! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend! ~Blessings, Janet


  1. I hope your mom likes The Shack. What a great book. I really want to read it again at some point.

    And a very generous and loving gift. I am sure your mom will be thrilled.

  2. Loved The Shack... it was my favorite read last year. I read it twice!

  3. Kim, I hope she likes it also and I would like to read it again. Hope you're having a great weekend :-)

    Alida, It's good to see you here again and I can say it was my favorite read as well. I didn't read it twice...yet :-) Have a great weekend :-)