Friday, July 16, 2010

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With the day beginning a bit inside out or backwards or just different, I still realized that meditation was not going to be sacrificed. What a blessing:

I was reminded that doing the right thing does not always feel good. It is not always "the most fun," or "most popular" thing to do. Do you ever feel like, "Geez, I just want to play right now and I'll work on that later?" "I'll make that phone call later." 'That person is more popular, I'll hang with her/him." Have you every given in to that feeling? Sure you have. We all have.

Doing the right thing can sometimes produce some profound anxiety too. When we take a stand for ourselves or someone else, we take a risk. Sometimes standing up for what is right goes against what society has taught us about 'only the strongest survive.' Sometimes, you feel you are standing alone with giants all around you. Have you heard the bible verse, 'The meek shall inherit the earth?"

When we do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, the rewards are so often greater than anything we could have imagined for ourselves. The vibration in your being will raise and you will experience more self-respect, more gratitude, more support, and more rich experiences that you may have planned for yourself.

For today, when I have a choice, I will do the right thing :-) Will you? ~ Blessings, Janet

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