Thursday, July 15, 2010

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So I was in a rush with my own agenda as I began my morning meditation. There's an art project I'm excited about and I just needed to check this off my list today. (icky attitude, I know) However, with racing thoughts and a cluttered mind I finally settled into my meditation...

And a message emerged..."Patience is golden"

Cool…good I’ll go with that…and my thoughts began to fray again.

God says, "I’m not done yet...but I’ll still be here waiting patiently for you."

Wow…okay, I feel like maybe I should take notice...Here's what came next

"When you rest in Me…and listen…I will be here…with a light…shining so brightly on your path that you won’t make a wrong turn. Magnificent experiences are waiting for you as you journey with me. You don’t need to live in darkness, fight through briar patches, or wade through murky waters.

Okay...I hear You NOW. Thank You for loving US enough to wait for ME :-)

When a meditation ends in tears, I know...I KNOW it will resonate with the world.

For today: When I work on my art project...I will do it as a meditation...I will do it WITH SPIRIT.

Blessings as you wait,
By the way (This is my favorite Thomas Kincaid print ~ It is entitled 'The Valley of Peace.' Another extraordinary gift this morning. :-)

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