Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Power of Love and Pure Limitless Potential

I Love my morning mediation and prayer time! During the day ideas circle around in my head and it sometimes feels like a chaotic storm going on. I'll be reading a book and processing its content, analyzing how the ideas presented may benefit my clients, my friends, family, or myself and it can get confusing. Then, I wake up in the morning, let the pups out, pour a cup of coffee and settle in to pray and to meditate. I've shared before that sometimes it takes awhile to still my busy mind so I often start with The Lord's Prayer. Each phrase somehow acts as a prompt and I fill the gaps between the phrases with my own life story as it applies to the phrase.
I love this heart...I saw an angel cloud the other day :-)
Today, my story was that of Love and Thanksgiving. I've been reading Rhonda Byrne's, The Power and it is about making the choice to feel more love in your life. Ms. Byrne advises us to turn away from and don't give bad feelings to that which we don't love. She says that the more and more time we spend focusing on what we love, the less and less time we have to spend focusing on what we don't love, and it falls away. She goes on to say, that the more we love, the more attract love, and the more we don't love, the more we attract things we don't love.  I can see where that happens in my life. Can you recognize that in your life?
And really...It's just a choice :-)
A question I will often ask my clients is "How much time in your day do you think you spend thinking about negative things?" And then I draw out a measured gauge with 24 sections and I say, "There are 24 hours in a day." The more time we spend thinking about positive things, the things and people that we love, that we love about ourselves, our work, our home etc., the less time in the day we have to think about the things we don't love.
I think I want one of these :-)

Clients will also sometimes feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to monitor their every thought and consciously turn away bad thoughts and think up good thoughts. It's a lot of work they think :-). It is, at the beginning. We have been programmed in our society to feel lack, to feel inadequate, to feel want, to feel need. Our programming has often been so effective that we run on auto pilot. We don't question the messages we are getting from all around us. Often those messages are meant to create a need so that a company can sell a product that will fill the need. And when we run on autopilot, we buy into the messages.

Photo courtesy of Truly Lovable
There is always good news though :-). I am only half way through the book, but Byrne talks about the unlimited Power available to us when we choose Love. When you choose Love, all that you desire is drawn into your life. When you choose Love, the frequency in which you operate rises and the people and things that are operating in that same frequency become a part of your world. Science has already proven that the Universe is infinite and that we live parallel lives. Sounds far fetched with our current thinking, I know. But just imagine for a second, that when you change your state of feeling from angry, fearful, or resentful to loving, compassionate and joyful you walk in a different parallel existence. Relationships, finances, health all improve! I think that's worth exploring. What do we have to lose?


  1. Janet, i love the heart cloud and the heart yolk! i collect hearts and those two are very special!

  2. Kind of sweet how those things show up in our lives at just the right time :-)