Friday, October 22, 2010

Imagine it ~ Feel it ~ Do it

Do you ever feel like quitting a task because it seems overwhelming? Do you have unfinished art projects, papers that need to be filed, self care that needs to be attended to? Are you unemployed and find job hunting overwhelming? Do you want to lose weight, but the prospect of watching what you eat and exercising is exhausting? Are there projects around the house that need attention, but you don't know where to start? Could your finances be in better shape? Do you have an unfulfilled dream you haven't pursued?

What's your dream?
I have at one time or another experienced each of these in my life. And admittedly so, I have a few projects around here that need my attention. Just take a look at my 50@50 list :-). What I have learned though, is that when we put our tunnel vision on and look only at the difficulty in accomplishing the task, that is all we see...difficulty. And it's not very motivating and can even be debilitating. We feel bad about ourselves and then projects stack up and become even more overwhelming.
It feels higher than it is
The good news is that we can choose to see the whole picture. We can switch to a wide angle lens, we can take in the entire picture, including the end result and the difficulty becomes only a tiny dot in the whole frame. We can then choose to focus on the beauty of the accomplishment, and feel the feelings that come with achieving the goals we set. After all, it is what we put out attention on that gets accomplished.
Look at the whole picture
Think about this for a moment. If you are unemployed, what's your dream job? What will get you excited about getting up in the morning? Now, feel that feeling. Picture what you will wear, where you will go, who you will work with. Picture yourself doing your work. Picture your bank balance with your paycheck being deposited. If there are home projects that need attention, picture them complete. And now feel the feeling that comes with that. If you have weight that is no longer serving you, picture yourself at your ideal weight. What are you wearing, what are you doing. What can you do now, that you avoided doing before? Whatever your desire, picture it now, feel it now.

Feel it? :-) I do!
And there's more good news! We can choose to take action. The truth is that none of the individual tasks that need to be done in order to accomplish your goals are difficult. For example, if you need to prepare a resume, one of the first tasks is turning on the computer. Now that's just pressing a button. And if you're reading this, you're already ahead. The next task would be bringing up your word processing program...easy enough, right? Now, type in your name...and so forth. Before you know it, you've got a resume! See where I'm going with this :-) Another example; If it's weight; what are you putting in your mouth? Choose healthy. It is as easy to broil fish and steam vegetables as it is to bake a creamy casserole. If you don't have tasty healthy recipes, you already know how to read, so you can look them up and experiment. See how each step is relatively easy?
I'm so excited!
And now {Squeal} the best part! Yes, there's more good news! I'm jumping up and down now! Can you feel it? Here it is: With every good, excited, happy feeling that you choose to feel, and every step that you choose to take, it gets easier, doors seem to magically open, help comes from unexpected sources and you get more and more done and you feel better and better. Don't you feel better already?

I do :-) And I'm going to work on one of my tasks...I'll report later. Will you do the same? I'd love to hear all about it.


  1. I would love to one day hang a sign up that says "I Love My Job!" One day. You have a lovely blog and I can't wait to read more!

  2. Hi Carmie, Thanks for visiting and for the sweet comments. The name of your blog is what initially caught my eye in the sea of blogs and then I just thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures and thoughts. I actually met my husband online fourteen years ago! We have several friends who have since done the same, so my best wishes are with you...and I say, Enjoy the adventure!

  3. Im a new follower from the blog hop. Come visit my kitchen sometime.

  4. Hi Sheila, I did visit your blog and loved your soup recipe. Will enjoy visiting again and again :-) Thanks so much for stopping by and following.

  5. Janet,
    Great inspiring post! I try to see the big picture but sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming. Take small steps I keep telling myself! Hope all is well!

  6. Hi Deborah, Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words. It's great to see you here again and thanks for the heads up on my "empty posts." I'm still trying to get the hang of blogland and working out the bugs in my process. I know that overwhelming feeling as well and am working at breaking things down into those small steps you mentioned. I think we get overwhelmed because we have so many choices...a mixed blessing sometimes :-)Have a great day!